Sandhya is an educator with two decades of experience. She is the director of Mud Pie education and an expert in early childhood. She is the go-to expert for homeschooling in Bangalore. Mud Pie Preschool that she runs, is an experiential school utilizing Multiple Intelligence methodology, where children Explore, Experiment and Experience learning in their own unique ways. Sandhya is a homeschooling parent to two sons. She runs the Bangalore homeschooling group on Facebook. She has been awarded multiple times by various education bodies for her contribution to parenting and early childhood education. She has the unique background of being an engineer and a psychologist.

Sandhya has conducted many workshops and webinars. She was also the mastermind behind the innovative event format at the Bangalore Schools Expo in January 2020, where events like Educator Speak and Social Impact Project broke new ground in the city.

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