Sandhya Viswan | Schooling, Education & Homeschooling

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Confused about which school to choose for your child?

Wondering which board or curriculum to select?

Want advice and help on how to homeschool or unschool your child?

Your one-stop solution to all these questions is Sandhya Viswan. She is an educator with two decades of experience. She is the go-to person for homeschooling in Bangalore. She is the director of the Bengaluru Schools Education Initiatives, the Founder Director of Mud Pie Education and the co-admin of the Bangalore Schools Group - the largest online community on schooling, education, and parenting in India. She also homeschooled her two boys and has firsthand knowledge of the benefits and the process of homeschooling.

Sandhya has been featured in many national newspapers in articles on education, homeschooling and parenting. She has been a panelist and moderator in multiple discussions on similar topics.

Why opt for Sandhya?

She is an Expert on Boards, Schools, Homeschooling, Exam & Subject Options and more
She has vast knowledge on higher grades, exams, careers and how to align your child's interests with what is offered in various schools & boards
She works and collaborates closely with policymakers, educators and schools and has in-depth knowledge of how the education system woks
She believes that one size doesn't fit all. She is able to think from the point of view of the child, understand his/her needs and guide parents accordingly

What are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Sandhya and gain invaluable guidance, advice and tips on the right steps for your child's education!

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